Thursday, June 21, 2012

My take on the hisrtory of smoking, based on the topic of brands over the decades

I remember hearin about (when I was a teen) a chick in NYC back in the 1910s who got arrested for smoking cigs.

I think the late 1950s is when more menthol brands started being made. Newport and Salem both came out in '58 according to my understanding. And wasn't Kool actually the first-ever filtered brand period when filter Kools were introduced in '56?

Before 1958, Kool was the only menthol. Now there are a lot more menthol brands.

The 60s is when more feminine brands came out. Like VS and BH.
The 70s is when we started saying hello to "low-tar brands" (ie: Vantage) as well as to very-long cigs called 120s (Eve, Max, Capri, and Mores)

Those cig ads in the 30s-60s made smoking cigs sound like they actually a benefit to your health. Like how smoking Kools can help make your sore throat feel better. The cig ads in the 70s made smoking cigs sound just as normal as a kid eating a candy bar.

I know why more menthols came out in the late 50s-60s. So tobacco companies can attract Afro-Americans to smoking. I'm sure back in the 40s-50s, a lotta Blacks refused to smoke cause "Regulars taste gross," or how "Smoking cigs is a white habit."

More feminine brands, especially 120s, came out to lure more women to smoking. After all, I can see a lady in the 30s-50s saying "I know I'm allowed to enjoy cigs. But who the heck wants to smoke a tiny nonfilter? Gimme a brand with LONG cigs. And I'll smoke then."

(I aint saying most women in that era had that mindset. But some of em probably did.)

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