Saturday, May 26, 2012

IL House approves higher cig tax

"Groups trying to discourage smoking also backed the measure. By some estimates, the extra $1 for a pack of cigarettes would persuade 60,000 people to quit smoking and keep 80,000 children from taking up the habit."

ME:   Sounds more like persuading 60k smokers to  buy their cigs outside of IL and in MO or Indiana (or even KY) instead.  Cigs in Wisconsin aint as cheap as Indiana's/MO's prices.

Be prepared to pay 11 bucks for a pack in Chicago pretty soon!  That price in itself is enough to convince me to go somewhere else!

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Anonymous said...

How dare the State of illinois to charge the cigarette smokers for free medicad. What bout the risk takers out there, the people who are over the goverments recommention for weight? The people who the goverment feels eat to much sugar. Those who egage n any thing that is not popular to the majority. Smokers already smoke outside in all weather. Treat all people eaqual not just the manority!