Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fewer teens are smoking cigs. BUT, they're smoking other stuff instead

Don't you love it when schools do everything they can to make cigs sound more deadly (to kids) than weed or coke?  Last time I checked, life is full of all kinds of risks.  And I recently heard that more teens in modern times are smoking weed instead of cigs.

Anti-smokers should NOT be happy to hear about an increase in teens engaging in weed smoking.  I know I wouldn't be happy.  Since smoking weed is much worse than cigs.  I guess antis don't care if a teen smokes weed.  Since weed aint cigs, right?

I can't forget lots of people who hate cig smokers enjoy weed smoking.  That's right.  Lots of antismokers are actual weed smokers.

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