Saturday, April 7, 2012

Binge Smoking

Last night, I smoked 28 Newports in only 4 hours. I know it's possible for some ladies to smoke a pack in 2 hours actually. I think I smoked 44 cigs for the whole "Good" Friday. *chuckle*

44 cigs in one day is NOT my all-time personal record for most cigs smoked in one day. That record of 56 cigs in one day (all Newports) is still intact. I still remember that day. It was a Sunday in September 2006. And Da Bears beat the Packers in Green Bay from Week 1 of that season.

However, 44 cigs in one day is a new record for most cigs smoked in a day since my mother's death from last summer. The old record was 42 cigs (which was done within a few days after her death).

I notice time flew by fast when I did that binge smoking last nite. I aint calling it chainsmoking. Since I did take a break of a few seconds in-between each cig.

I recall chainsmoking a whole ML pack 9 years ago. Took me almost 2 hours to do so. But I'll be lucky to chainsmoke a pack of Newports.

I guess I actually DID smoke a pack in 2 hours once myself. But those were ML 100s. And light cigs are much easier to smoke than my brand. I might smoke MLs once in a blue moon now.

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