Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Would the Obama Administration ban tobacco?

If he actually banned tobacco, that would be a nice way to make him lose more supporters. I bet even all of the other politicians would hate the idea of a tobacco ban. Cause as I said, they love takin lots of tax money from smokers.

Wheres the tax money gonna come from if tobacco got banned for real? From paying 10 bucks for a beer can?

I didnt even bring up how a tobacco ban will force people to get cigs in the same way they get weed and other drugs. Get the cigs underground!

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KoHoSo said...

Since you don't have your e-mail address posted (or I just missed it), I'm using the comments section to send you this link in case you're interested...two more states looking to tax roll-your-owns. Feel free to delete this comment since it is off-topic to the post. KPLU is an NPR Jazz station in the Seattle area.