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Property RIghts Newsletter

The Property Rights Newsletter
February 3, 2012 - Issue #649
"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves."
- Abraham Lincoln
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Bingo: As a result of the smoking ban and taxing legislation bingo clubs up and down the UK have been closing their doors as they struggle to operate profitably. "There will be regular players who will greatly miss being able to go to their regular club and interact with people." Michael J. McFadden adds, "The UK's Bingo interests are fighting the wrong fight: they need to join with the Free Choice groups to restore the option of some places to allow smoking if they and their workers and customers wish."
MORE around the world: Bingo Halls close following bans everywhere, stopping all the charity money they used to earn. For the good of the children, bring back Bingo and let adults decide if they want a smoking hall or not.
From The Mailbag
IL: Loosen IL smoking ban restrictions? State Rep. Anthony DeLuca (D) out of Chicago has proposed new legislation that would allow casinos and bars to apply for smoking licenses.
NC: Will smoking issue burn again? It will be interesting to see how much headway Liebes and his group, the N.C. Bar, Pub and Tavern Association, make in getting the law revised. The group has hired Dean Plunkett, a Raleigh-based lobbyist who is known for his work on behalf of the N.C. Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association. Plunkett may well snag the ears of some legislators who could push revisions to the law.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! OH: Smokers not eligible for jobs in some Ohio casinos. 3,200 applicants will be tested for nicotine usage, refused if found positive. Hollywood Casino Columbus General Manager Ameet Patel said applicants who test positive for nicotine will be disqualified and workers will be subject to random tests during employment. Penn National's policy will mean no tobacco use on or off the job for their 3,200 workers and Ohio's indoor smoking ban means customers will have to step outside before lighting up.
New Zealand: Smokers Urge to Lift Smoking Bans. For them, it is just like robbing away the individual liberty and they feel that smoking has become a class like religion or sex, for which they are somewhat hated. It is not a problem for them to be classified as smokers, but they should not be hated for it.
World: The Nicotine Advantage: Anti-Doping Agency Practically Endorses Smoking. The performance-enhancing effects of nicotine included increased "vigilance and cognitive function," and reduced stress and body weight. "Interestingly, nicotine also triggers a significant increase of pulse rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and epinephrine release owing to simultaneous stimulant and relaxant properties," the report said.
World: Smokers Blogs. Watch instant postings to your favorite blogs.
Antis: What to expect:
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