Friday, January 6, 2012

PA: Hospital Quits Hiring Smokers

Smokers in the medical field now have another reason to quit as a Pennsylvania hospital has said it will no longer hire smokers and is introducing nicotine tests in order to enforce the rule.
Geisinger Health System's smoke-free health policy will go into effect on Feb. 1, according to
"Not only do we want to practice what we preach, but we also want our employees to feel healthy, we want our patients and visitors to feel that they are in a healthy environment. So it's an overall commitment to the well-being of all those people," Geisinger spokeswoman Marcy Marshall told the Vancouver Sun.

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Me:  This should be illegal.   A smoker should have every right to work in a hospital just like a nonsmoking Black person,  a gay nonsmoker, and a nonsmoking lady.  And how is a nic test gonna work when a nonsmoker could have eaten potatoes and tomatpoes?  Those food products contain nic.

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