Monday, January 2, 2012

It's not a Happy New Year for smokers and hospitality owners

Is this reallly a "Happy New Year?"  Not really, since I still haven't heard of `any smoking ban getting revoked yet.  I heard of a maybe two bans over the past 4 years adding businesses as ban exemptions.  But not a full-out ban revoke.

Happy 4th anniversary to the Illinois statewide smoking ban.  It's good to know lots of tavern owners in Chicago and throughout IL are ignoring the ban by letting their patrons light up.  I dunno how much those so-called "tickets" are for the owners. But I bet smokers don't mind "donating" money to the taverns in exchange for lighting up with their drink.

It's also been 4 years since the last time cig prices went up in Chicago.  I know a $1 state cig tax hike was proposed last year down in Springfield.  But the tax hike never passed.

Happy New Year for smokers and businesses?  NOT!


Anonymous said...

Never knew about that Jay. Sounds like a good idea for the patrons to donate to a fine fund in exchange for being able to smoke. Thanks for that info. Regards, Merilee O

Jason T said...

I wouldn't mind payin a donation to an owner in exchange for bein able to smoke in a tavern. That would be like 250 extra bucks to help the owner pay the ticket. If I pretend 50 smokers in a tavern donate $5 each.

Sandy Riefberg said...


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