Friday, January 13, 2012

Bus Driver tells smokin lady to sit in back

>>>>OC Transpo is investigating and a woman says she feels "harassed" as a smoker after a bus driver allegedly asked her to move to the back of his bus because he didn't like how she smelled.<<<<

(ME: When I read dis, it rang a bell in my head. Somethang very similar to dis happened to Rosa Parks. Cept her driver told her to move to the back cause of her skin color.)

To view full article, CLICK HERE.


limo hire perth said...

This was the right call. She would have known better than to smoke in a public utility vehicle. Now if she was in a private limo, she could smoke.

Jason T said...

If you read the whole article, you would see for yourself the lady did NOT smoke on the bus. She smoked outside while waiting for the bus to pull up and stop.

And the driver didn't like the way she smelled when she walked onto it. And of course, he told her to sit in the back based on the way her clothes smelled.

The only reason why I allowed this comment because I like the immaturity of the person who wrote it. There is nowhere in the article that says a woman smoked "in a public utility vehicle."