Monday, December 5, 2011

The War on Smoking is not about health (my comment to this blog post)


Yup, antis don’t care about my safety when it comes to me smoking outside. I heard of smokers getting murdered, raped, and robbed over the years while simply smoking outside. It’s a lot more safer for smokers to enjoy a cig inside than outside for reasons that deal with more than just their health. I aint risking my life to just smoke outside late at night.

Antis got their smoking bans wish. What they need to do is patronize these smoke-free places to make up for the huge loss of smoking patrons. Smoking bans in general is more about greed from antis. Health is more of an excuse to me.

My reply to "Is smoking a cigarette attractive?"

Smoking a cigarette is very attractive.  But thanks to smoking bans, the antismokers and politicians have taken away the beauty of seeing ladies smoke in taverns and restaurants.  SHS is nothing but BS from antis as a way to wipe tobacco off of planet Earth.  SHS never harmed nonsmokers and kids in the 80s.  How the heck can SHS harm nonsmokers now?  If someone said "SHS can kill ir pets," would you believe that BS?  The feeling of even holding a lit cig is powerful to me.