Saturday, May 21, 2011

A smokers rights org in the NY-based news

Audrey Silk and C.L.A.S.H. is in the news. I see NYC is joining the OUTDOOR smoking ban club. And I bet the outdoor ban will face opposition. CLASH is organizing a smoke-in. Unfortunately, I can't attend it.

C.L.A.S.H. in the news

Doctors can successfully help a teen stop smoking?

If a doctor can convince a teen to quit smoking by simply talk to the teen about smoking. CNN is the source of this topic. You can watch a clip on doctors talking ot teens and convincing em to quit smoking by CLICKING HERE.

All doctors are different. Some doctors are hardcore antismokers. I even remember a doc I saw around 10 years ago who said to me: "If you can afford to buy a pack of cigs, then you can afford your own prescriptions."

Well, even based on a modern price for a pack, I bet most people would LOVE the idea of paying only 10 bucks per prescription! Medicine is a LOT more expensive than even a $12 cig pack in NYC.

But that doctor who I talked to shouldn't have assumed I buy my cigs in or around Chicago. I notice a lotta folks assume that if I have a pack of cigs, then I must be filthy rich. But that's not true in my case.

If a doctor can convince a teen to quit smoking by simply talking to the teen, then I hope that same doctor can convince teens to don't fall in love with eating fast food daily.

Info on cig taxes in the US

NY has the highest state tax for cigs in the nation at $4. per pack. Missouri has the lowest state tax at 17 cents per pack.

You can view the state cig tax list by CLICKING HERE.

NYC is the #1 city in the nation with the highest state/local cig taxes combined (excluding sales taxes) at $5.85 per pack. Chicago is the #2 city at $3.66 per pack. I find it interesting there are multiple cities within the Chicago area in the Top 10 range of THIS LIST. But it's also noteworthy Evanston, Chicago, Rosemont, and Cicero are the only IL towns on the list of the highest state-local combined cig taxes at all.

$5.85 in taxes for NYC is more than the total cost of a Marlboro pack at a smoke shop in Hammond, IN. I can get a pack of Marlboro Lights in that shop for only $5.54 with the 40-cent sales tax included already in the price!

for the highest state-local combined cig taxes in the nation. This list excludes sale taxes.

New look for my blog

As you can tell, I changed the look of my blog. And I can see I'm able to get the entire property rights newsletter to appear on my page (instead of only half of it appearing). Of course, there's still the link off of to the right if you wanna read any previous property rights newsletters at

My new primary brand is Marlboro Lights. Marlboro Menthol Lights taste good. And I wouldn't mind buying a promo carton of ML Menthols where I'd save $10 off of those Marlboro cartons. But Marlboro Gold Lights would be my actual first choice.

I know "Lights" are now "Golds." And ULs are now called "Silvers" on the packs. But I'll keep calling Marlboro Golds "Marlboro Lights" til the day I die, thank you. Calling Marlboro Light Menthols "Marlboro Gold Menthols" sounds weird anyway. Since the REAL Marlboro Golds are in the actual Marlboro pack with gold on it, duh!

A Marlboro promotional carton in Indiana is only $45 each with the tax included. I'm more likely to get promo cartons with ML menthols and Marb 27s. Newport 100s still make a good occassional menthol smoke for me. But ML menthols got a betta minty taste to me, ML menthols are cheaper than Newports, and it's easier for me to even chainsmoke 6-8 Marb 27s than Newports.

My new list of preferred brands when it comes to buying cigs:

1. Marlboro Lights
2. Marlboro Menthol Lights
3. Marlboro 27's
4. Newport 100s (only one carton at a time for this brand, and if I have Newport coupons. Otherwise, it's all MLs)

Property Rights Newsletter

The Property Rights Newsletter

May 20, 2011 - Issue #613

"If you, with all the taxes you paid,
paved that road in front of your house,
that everyone in town gets to drive on...
you might be a smoker."
- Samantha Phillipe
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!

By Frank Davis. I think that a day will come when politicians and pundits will recognise the irreparable harm that has been done, and belatedly act to prevent further harm. They’ll quietly lift or relax the ban that they once so gaily put in place. And that will mark the end of the war on smoking, and with luck of lifestyle engineering as well. The costs will have proved too great, and the benefits too small. And they will wonder why they ever thought it might be worth it. They will wonder how they could have been so blind. They will wonder what kind of madness afflicted them.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! Australia Cigarettes poised for killer price cut. The tobacco industry is threatening to flood Australia with half-price cigarettes to fight plain packaging laws. It is also threatening to seek billions of dollars in compensation from the Federal Government. The chief executive of British American Tobacco - which makes popular brands Winfield and Benson & Hedges and sells about 22 billion cigarettes in Australia each year - yesterday said prices could be slashed in half as tobacco giants try to compete with black-market imports.
Beach smoking ban stretches west. Smoking is set to be banned on every Melbourne beach from Altona to Elwood, after Hobsons Bay Council became the third Victorian municipality to ban beachgoers from lighting up. The move comes as the tobacco industry warns the price of cigarettes in Australia could be halved if a federal government proposal to introduce plain packaging is successful. It is expected the new law will be in place before summer, with the council needing to prepare a community impact statement and accept submissions before it is voted on again.
From The Mailbag
CA: West Hollywood Election: Victors, Winners & Losers. Duran had already been charting an independent course, refusing to vote for the appointment of Lindsey Horvath and then vigorously opposing Abbe Land’s ill conceived smoking ban in commercial outdoor patios, which enraged bar and restaurant owners along Santa Monica and the Sunset Strip.
CA: Senate Bill 332, Impact not lessened by fact that it depends on the whims of the bldg owner. The bill, passed the Senate just this week with an overwhelming 33-2 vote. The current version, now heads to the Assembly.
GA: DeKalb County Outdoor Smoking Ban to Blow Away Business. "Customers can choose the businesses they patronize just as workers can choose where they work," said Chris McCalla, legislative director for the IPCPR, based in Columbus, Georgia. "They don’t need government passing convoluted laws telling them where to shop or work."
IL: Vacation home's $300 smoking fine crosses the line. Calling her fee a "fine" won't disguise the fact that it's a predetermined price for damage, regardless of its extent. Incidentally, a true fine can be imposed only by a government entity: It is punishment for violating a health or safety law.
MA: Teen Turns Violent After Being Asked Not To Light A Cigarette at Forest Hills T. The dispute led to both the would-be smoker and her sister being arrested after transit police said the pair slapped, pushed and kicked them.
MD: A resolution to adopt a proposed Montgomery County, Maryland Board of Health smoking ban regulation will be the subject of a public hearing June 23 by the Health and Human Services Committee of the County Council.
Iraq: Bogged Down on Big Issues, Iraq Takes Aim at Smoking. Following the lead of New York, London, Paris and scores of other Western cities, Iraqi lawmakers are now trying to push smoking to the margins of public life here, to the frustration of many of their constituents. Baraa Ghazi, 27, offered a broader pronouncement as he took a languid drag. “This,” he said, “is freedom.”
UK: "Evidence Review" without evidence! The long awaited review of the smoking ban has arrived but no one who reads this report in an open-minded way will be taken in by it as it is riddled with basic errors. Linda Bauld has proven nothing with this report apart from the fact that she is a true anti tobacco activist.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Street dealers are more interested in selling cigs instead of drugs

Raising the price of cigs every 3-6 months is not gonna make every smoker quit. Making tobacco illegal will. The only thing a $12 price for a cig pack is gonna do is make selling cigs the new crime profession instead of selling drugs. Bootleggers can make more moolah off of selling packs than selling a DVD movie for only $2. You may not hear it on the news since the media turns a deaf ear to this subject. But I bet the number of cig heists have gone up nationwide since last year.