Friday, January 14, 2011

UPDATE: IL House votes downb on $1 cig tax increase

IL House voted down on $1 cig tax increase. But please note the key words in the article's title. "For now." I'm sure antis will find a way to get enuf House votes at the next vote on dis bill. Juz cause it was voted down once by the House doesn't mean the House will always vote down on the tax increase,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

IL cig tax going up to $1.98/pack

IL rang in the new year by raising the income tax. Dis income tax raise includes raising the cig tax from 98 cents per pack to $1.98 oer pack.

So dat basically means, the new price for a pack of cigs in Chicago is gonna be $11/pack.

While the cig tax increase still sucks big time, it really has no effect on me. Since I neva buy my cigs in IL to begin with. Some smokers actually don't mind paying $10-$11 for a pack. But I aint one of em.

I still buy my cigs in Indiana where a pack is only 5 bucks each. The good news is dis tax hike in IL has no effect on Indiana's cig prices.

Juz cause a pack around Chicago is expensive as heck doesn't always mean ppl are gonna quit smoking. Dey'll buy their cigs out of state (as I do), but their packs underground, or become "cig robbers" in stores/gas stations.