Thursday, December 22, 2011

I was interviewed by a newspaper's reporter on smoking topics

Last week, I was interviewed by a Chicago Tribune reporter for his column dealing with dangerous activities people enjoy and refuse to quit (such as smoking).

This reporter actually found me through my blog. And I'm guessing he researched it before deciding to contact me. He did ask me what do I find so glamorous about smoking?  That Q is more closer to being a smoking fetish Q to me.

I basically told him "I like the feeling of holding a cig and there's actually glamor in the act of inhaling the smoke in itself. And of course, I think lots of women look attractive with a cig."

Most of his Qs were more closer to general smoking Qs. Such as "What do you think of the quit smoking tv commercials?" (I think they're a joke and they have no effect on me wanting to stop smoking) And he brought up the IL smoking ban topic as well.

His column will be published in the Dec. 28th Chicago Tribune. I'll have to visit the Trib site on that date.

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