Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Should smokers be shot?

(My comment from a blog post at Smoke Screens)

"Should smokers be shot?" Nope. It seems like we live in a time where lots of people don't seem to understand we all live once. And people who shoot/stab smokers to death are no exception. I don't even know how resorting to violence is gonna encourage smokers to quit. What it WILL do is encourage the serious smokers to give the "snipers" a taste of their own medicine.

I was right when I said we are approaching an era where smokers may have to literally defend themselves with a gun just to simply smoke outside. I do know the violence should be enough proof that smoking bans don't work.

No smoking bans = No more violence from antismokers

I can't see a sniper shooting/stabbing a smoker in an indoor place where smoking is permitted.

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