Friday, August 5, 2011

Marlboro Smooths

I went to Indiana yesterday to get 2 ML menthol cartons, and one Newport 100 carton. And I bought a pack of both sizes of Marlboro Smooths.

Everyone is right. Marlboro Smooths smell and taste like peppermint. They taste like a candy cane to me. Smooths even make Newports taste like a non-menthol cig.

Well, Newports do taste more like a non-menthol with a touch of mint flavoring. But this candy-cone flavoring in the Smooths is a lot different than the average taste of a menthol (ML menthols included).

The inside of my mouth feels like I sucked a peppermint-flavored breath mint afta smoking a Smooth. I like that peppermint feeling in my mouth.

I normally hate peppermint. But the peppermint/candy cane-like taste in these Smooths is cool.

Next time I go to Indiana, I gotta see if Smooths are available in cartons. This brand is a lil stronger than ML menthols. Nowhere close to being as strong as a Newport.

I smoked the king-sized Smooths first.

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