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Preoperty Rights Newsletter

The Property Rights Newsletter

June 3, 2011 - Issue #615

"I don't know how much education you need to be stupid."
- Roy Rowley
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!Cellphones 'possibly carcinogenic,' report suggests. They reviewed possible links between cancer and the type of electromagnetic radiation found in cellphones, microwaves and radar. The agency is the cancer arm of the World Health Organization and the assessment now goes to WHO and national health agencies for possible guidance on cellphone use. The group classified cellphones in category 2B, meaning they are possibly carcinogenic to humans. Other substances in that category include the pesticide DDT and gasoline engine exhaust.
MORE Articles about cellphone bans.
From The Mailbag
CA: We need to remind the Governor of the State of California, Jerry Brown, that one of his campaign promises was to move government away from state control and back down to the local level. SB 575 would remove the current exemptions and the option of local control, and make all laws the same statewide - removing the decision making process from local jurisdictions.
MI: Undercover Investigation: Smoking Ban Violators. Several Bars Ignore Michigan Smoking Laws. When our hidden team asked a one waitress if it was OK to smoke, she joked with us about a health department inspector, “If you see a lady with a clipboard walk in, just stash the ash tray,” she said.
NY: For months, Ron Melendi has been bludgeoning New York State legislators and the Governor’s office with statistics that show how the state’s onerous tobacco taxes have joined with federal taxes to drive these small businesses to the brink of destruction. Now, to put a ‘face’ to that data, he’s touring the state, creating a video documentary of professional tobacconists that he will present to lawmakers by mid-June in support of current bills that would cap the premium cigar tax at $1 per stick.
USA: Clara Kaszubowski gets best of neighborly deal by smoking, drinking, gaming till 103 years old. And... Robert Vannatter, 90 years old, with two Bronze Stars for heroism, is to be knighted by France.
USA: Watch the video: Smokeman Song.

Australia: Looking at total ban in 10-15 years. "The government should consider issuing smokers with a licence to smoke, which would involve them passing a test, not dissimilar to a driving test," Chapman said. "They would get a swipe card with their photo on it and … they could say how much they wanted to smoke a day. If it was 10 cigarettes a day you'd get a category one license...
UK: Fiery Nouveau Flamenco band lights up the world's hottest cigars auction on Independence Day in London.
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights!
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