Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FDA releases the new graphical images for USA cig packs

Today is the day when the FDA released the graphic images for the USA packs. I hear these images are cartoon-like images. I dunno when the packs with images will hit the market. But I take it sometime this fall is when I'll see packs with the new images on them?

I think the images won't have any serious effect on the USA smoking rate. They might encourage more smokers to buy cigarette cases so they won't have to bother seeing the images. But most people who smoke already know about black lungs for instance.

It would actually be neat to see more women use cig cases. Cig cases used to be a lot more common to see among smoking ladies a few decades ago. I dunno if I want a cig case. I intend on ignoring the graphical images anyway. All I care about are the cigs IN the pack. Not what's on the OUTSIDE of the pack.

If a teen wants to smoke, he/she is going to. Regardless of what images are on the pack itself.

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