Saturday, May 21, 2011

New look for my blog

As you can tell, I changed the look of my blog. And I can see I'm able to get the entire property rights newsletter to appear on my page (instead of only half of it appearing). Of course, there's still the link off of to the right if you wanna read any previous property rights newsletters at

My new primary brand is Marlboro Lights. Marlboro Menthol Lights taste good. And I wouldn't mind buying a promo carton of ML Menthols where I'd save $10 off of those Marlboro cartons. But Marlboro Gold Lights would be my actual first choice.

I know "Lights" are now "Golds." And ULs are now called "Silvers" on the packs. But I'll keep calling Marlboro Golds "Marlboro Lights" til the day I die, thank you. Calling Marlboro Light Menthols "Marlboro Gold Menthols" sounds weird anyway. Since the REAL Marlboro Golds are in the actual Marlboro pack with gold on it, duh!

A Marlboro promotional carton in Indiana is only $45 each with the tax included. I'm more likely to get promo cartons with ML menthols and Marb 27s. Newport 100s still make a good occassional menthol smoke for me. But ML menthols got a betta minty taste to me, ML menthols are cheaper than Newports, and it's easier for me to even chainsmoke 6-8 Marb 27s than Newports.

My new list of preferred brands when it comes to buying cigs:

1. Marlboro Lights
2. Marlboro Menthol Lights
3. Marlboro 27's
4. Newport 100s (only one carton at a time for this brand, and if I have Newport coupons. Otherwise, it's all MLs)

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Anonymous said...

Looks good Jay. :)

Gary K.