Sunday, May 1, 2011

My opinion on Red 100's

After trying a newer pack of Red 100's, I used to say how they taste like a light cig sometimes.

Well, they don't taste like a light cig to me now. They taste like a full-flavor (FF). Although Red kings and Marlboro 27s both have a bigger FF taste.

The strength of Red 100s is more like medium to me. Not really "light cig" strength. But not too strong strength either.

But they certainly have a smoother taste than the Red kings. And the Red 100s definitely feel more like a cig compared to a ML 100 when I smoke em.

While I can understand the point of 100's being a better deal than kings based on the price of cigs in modern times, I believe a 100 really doesn't have that much more tobacco in em compared to a king. And in the case of Marlboros, the king-sized cigs are the ones with the type of big strangth I'm used to feeling.

I think it's interesting even ML kings have a lil more strength and better taste than ML 100's.

I can definitely see smoking Marlboro 100s more often if I ever become a 2ppd smoker. Cause smoking 100s would make better sense for someone who smokes heavily. I can smoke at least a pack per day. But 2ppd is tough to do when you take smoking bans into account. And I definitely aint stooping to smoking like 2 cigs at once. I'd rather chainsmoke 4-8 Marlboros than to smoke 2 at once.

I don't ever remember chaining 8 Newport 100s when they used to be my primary brand. I think the most Newports I ever chained was sometimes 4 ports. Those cigs are a lot more stronger than any FF Marlboro brand.

My first choice for a Marlboro carton would be a tie between Red kings and Marlboro 27's. Followed by ML kings.

I will say ML Gold 100s taste better than ML MENTHOL 100s. But all smokers are different from me. Newport is still the best menthol out there period.

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