Saturday, May 21, 2011

Info on cig taxes in the US

NY has the highest state tax for cigs in the nation at $4. per pack. Missouri has the lowest state tax at 17 cents per pack.

You can view the state cig tax list by CLICKING HERE.

NYC is the #1 city in the nation with the highest state/local cig taxes combined (excluding sales taxes) at $5.85 per pack. Chicago is the #2 city at $3.66 per pack. I find it interesting there are multiple cities within the Chicago area in the Top 10 range of THIS LIST. But it's also noteworthy Evanston, Chicago, Rosemont, and Cicero are the only IL towns on the list of the highest state-local combined cig taxes at all.

$5.85 in taxes for NYC is more than the total cost of a Marlboro pack at a smoke shop in Hammond, IN. I can get a pack of Marlboro Lights in that shop for only $5.54 with the 40-cent sales tax included already in the price!

for the highest state-local combined cig taxes in the nation. This list excludes sale taxes.

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