Monday, May 2, 2011

A blog with sightings of smoking ladies

If you're a smoking fetisher who's looking for a forum or blog dealing with sightings of smoking ladies in public, you can check out Mark's Smoke Blog. He posts a lot of his own sightings of smoking ladies.


Thanks to smoking bans, it ain't common to see posts of smoking sightings on the net compared to say 10 years ago. When smoking forums used to be a lot more common online.


Mark said...

Thanks for the hat tip Jay. It's appreciated. How long have you had this blog up? I wasn't even aware of it until last weekend. --Mark

Jason T said...

Hey Mark,

My blog will be 4 years old as of June 6th. Time sure flies though. lol I created this blog the year before IL's statewide smoking ban went into effect.