Saturday, April 30, 2011

My take on Marlboros

I've been enjoying Marlboros more often in recent weeks. Newport still makes a nice menthol. But I guess even as a smoker, there's still a time for a change of pace.

One difference between Marlboros and Newports is Marlboros burn faster. Some smokers think this is bad. But it's good to me since I can smoke the whole cig faster when I only have a 5-6 min smoke break. Even if I take multple pumps on a Newport, it still takes me 7-10 mins to smoke the whole cig.

Marlboros also have those in-store promos. Like $1 off of of each pack of Marlboro 27s. Marlboro 27s make a good alternative to smoking Camels. And the 27s have a nice caramel taste in em. Since those are a lesser-known Marlboro brand, it's probably harder to find the 27's. I can find em at a smoke shop near me. But not in most stores/gas stations.

To me, king-sized Marlboros have a stronger taste than their 100's siblings. Even Marlboro Lights kings taste a lil bit stronger to me than ML 100s. Menthol Marlboro Lights taste all right. But not as good as a ML Gold or a Newport for that matter.

I know I read a lotta negativity online about FSC Marlboros. But I can honestly say I see no difference in taste between Marlboro Reds and Marlboro Lights. They all taste the same as they did when I used to smoke Reds and MLs now and then in the non FSC days. But I'm more interested in making Marlboro my main brand now.

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