Friday, February 18, 2011

A site with tv/radio cigarette commercials from the ol' days

Here's a site with cig commercials on it. TV as well as cig RADIO commercials.


Ah, the good oi' days of smoking. I know if that Flintstone Winston commercial was on TV now, antismooking groups would be criticizing RJR for targeting kids to smoking.

Of course, RJR was forced to get rid of their OWN cartoon character, Joe Camel in the 90s. It's amazing a lot more kids back then could identify Joe Camel more than Mickey Mouse. Those kids are likely adults now. I wish I could find out how many of those former kids (who identified Joe) are actual Camel smokers. I bet if any of em ARE actual smokers today, dey smoking Marlboros or Newports more.

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