Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I found the biggest e-cig forum on the net

Dis is the biggest forum on the net devoted to the e-cig topic. And I'll leave a link to dis E-Cig forum on my blog for the e-cig fans out here.

As I said on the E-cig forum, I sincerely hope US politicians neva ban e-cigs. Antis argue e-cigs are a good way for smokers to work around smoking bans. Despite the fcet e-cigs do not produce smoke or odors (unlike normal cigs)

BTW, I like how the e-cigs at South Beach Smoke look like a real cig. I've seen otha e-cigs dat look nothang like a normal cig. Like one e-cig looks more like a black stick in someone's mouth instead of looking like an actual cig period.

E-Cigarettes Forum

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