Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FDA supposed to pick the graphical images to appear on USA cig packs

In June 2011, the FDA will pick 9 images tobacco companies must use on all of their packs within the USA. The images will actually be implemented on the packs by the fall of 2012.

Here's a webpage in relation to dis topic.

I couldn't disagree more on alll Americans, including smokers, not being informed about the health risks of smoking. The only way anyone can NOT know the cons of smoking by now is if dat person just woke up from a 50-60 year coma.

I know when the images DO start appearing on the packs, dey won't scare the crap outta me. I intend on ignoring em. Do you honestly think seeing like a black lung pic on a Newport pack is gonna motivate me to stop smoking? High cig prices and smoking bans haven't made me stop enjoying one of the few pleasures left in life. And graphic images on packs sure as heck ain't gonna make me quit.

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