Friday, January 28, 2011

Smoking is a choice for the smoker and the business owner

(From my Facebook wall)

Smoking is a choice. And biz owners should decide for themselves if dey should ban smoking in their biz. But instead, politicians wanna tell owners how to run their biz.

How come smoke-free taverns aint filled up on a daily basis? Afta all, dere are mo nonsmokers, right? Antismokers wanted smoke-free restaurants, bars, clubs, and even bowling alleys. Use the GD smoke-free biz's you mofos wanted all along!

And giving bartenders nice tips would help too so dey can work. Smokers tip betta than nonsmokers.

Smoking-only businesses WOULD work if we had no smoking bans. I predict a smoking-permitted bar would be crowded on a daily basis compared to a smoke-free bar. And I definitely would work at a smoking-permitted bar!

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