Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My 2 cents on electronic cigarettes (e-cigs)

In February, I'm getting rid of the "Online Smoke Shops" page. Because since the only smoke shops online now are essentially e-cig smoke shops (as well as an online cigar smoke shop), dere's no point in keeping a list of dead smoke shops. You can thank Obama for killing your favorite smoke shops. When we used to be able to buy even cig cartons of small tobacco brands.

It seems like the e-cig is taking over the online smoke shop industry. And while I'm personally not a fan of e-cigs, one e-cig smoke shop wants to be affiliated with my blog. And based on my recent visits to smokers rights forums, it seems like more smokers are switching to the e-cig.

Betta enjoy the e-cigs while dey legal in the USA. Cause I have a feeling antis will do everythang dey can to get e-cigs banned. I'm sure their reasoning is "E-cigs are a way for smokers to work around smoking bans as well as being a cheap alternative to buying normal cigs."

Despite the fact e-cigs do NOT have tobacco and despite the fact dey do NOT produce smoke, I don't see what's the big deal about someone enjoying an e-cig in a restaurant, on the job, or even on a plane. I guess antis don't like seeing an e-cig glow like an actual cig when someone drags on it? Cause I don't see how using an e-cig inside of any place is the same as a person violating a smoking ban.

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Anonymous said...

There is still plenty of Online Smoke Shops that DO NOT REPORT SALES. Just that most of them are offshore now. www.CheapCigarettes.com is one of them. It is in the European Union now. The one in Israel closed down because that guy was dishonest. These people in the EU have a much better reputation.