Thursday, January 13, 2011

IL cig tax going up to $1.98/pack

IL rang in the new year by raising the income tax. Dis income tax raise includes raising the cig tax from 98 cents per pack to $1.98 oer pack.

So dat basically means, the new price for a pack of cigs in Chicago is gonna be $11/pack.

While the cig tax increase still sucks big time, it really has no effect on me. Since I neva buy my cigs in IL to begin with. Some smokers actually don't mind paying $10-$11 for a pack. But I aint one of em.

I still buy my cigs in Indiana where a pack is only 5 bucks each. The good news is dis tax hike in IL has no effect on Indiana's cig prices.

Juz cause a pack around Chicago is expensive as heck doesn't always mean ppl are gonna quit smoking. Dey'll buy their cigs out of state (as I do), but their packs underground, or become "cig robbers" in stores/gas stations.

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