Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Newport Reds

Lorillard recently re-introduced Newport Reds, a non-menthol version of Newports. Newport Reds first came out in the early 80s.

I tried only 2 Newport Red 100s for myself, and I sure am sorry I had to throw dat pack in the garbage. They smell a lil bit like cinammon, dey missing the rich/smooth taste you get from smoking otha regular cig brands. But hey, at least Newport Reds taste a lil betta than Marlboro Reds. But not dat much betta.

Newport Reds are like mediums strength-wise. Dey definitely ain't as strong as the Newports I've been smoking for 12 years! The normal Newports actually taste like a cig compared to the ones in the red pack.

Would I recommend Newport Reds to otha smokers? Only if you a new smoker. I wouldn't recommend smoking dis crap if you used to smoking Marlboros or Camels. I might smoke a Marlboro Blend #27 over a Newport Red if I want a real version of a full-flavored regular.

I actually think even a Camel tastes betta than a Newport Red.