Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cig ads on the internet?

Cig ads are essentially a thing of the past just like the cig commercials on TV and radio.

But let's go back to the 80s where cig commercials were banned in the US. But they were still common in mags, outdoor billboards, and at sport stadiums. I miss the days of when every mag used to have cig ads on their back covers. I think National Geographic was the only mag in the 80s that had no cig ads (and no tobacco ads in general).

But let's pretend the internet existed in the 80's. And you know how you see all of these ads while surfing the net.

My Q: If the internet existed in the 80s, do you think we would see cig ads on the worldwide web?

And BTW, is it illegal to have alcohol ads on the net?

Smoking causes hair loss in men

I can only laugh at the idea of smoking causing me to lose my hair I dunno where antis get these idiotic claims at. But I can think of several men who smoke and dey have PLENTY of hair. lol

And if anyone actually believes dis sh!t, I wonder what his/her IQ is.

http://tinyurl. com/2v2y4t