Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A thought

If anyone has a problem with the way I write, nobody's forcing you to read my blog. The reason why I sound "ghetto" is cause I'm an urban smoker. And I've seen a lotta fellow blacks write like dis online.

Antis would take smokers a LOT more seriously if more smokers actually fought back through their actions. Owners ignoring smoking bans is a start. More smokers challenging antis' lies on SHS would be betta. It would be nice to see more smokers refuse to pay fines/tickets for enjoying a legal product outdoors let alone indoors.

Too many smokers accept control from the antis. You should be more concerned about too many smokers accepting smoking bans. Heck, you should be more concerned about more people losing their jobs once it becomes illegal to ship cigs in the mail.

I wish I COULD represent all smokers nationwide. I'd make smoking bans illegal and make it legal to buy cigs online as long as otha shops (dat sell non-tobacco products) add taxes to all of their customers' orders. Why should smoke shops be forced to add taxes while otha online shops don't have to? I wonder if Amazon was forced to add taxes ot their customers' orders as I heard once a year ago.

I'd even make it illegal for states to raise tobacco taxes more than once every 10 years. You got more time than me on your hands if you think my blog represents how all smokers think.

(Pay close attention to dis part below for anyone who's gonna waste their time writing a comment when ALL comments are moderated on here.)

oh and btw.i've seen antis write like this online over the years as well.if you think i "write poorly,"you haven't seen a true version of poor writing online.and thats putting it nicely.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Why do you smoke?"

A co-worker on my job asked me "Why do you smoke?" It didn't take long for me to learn she's an antismoker. And dis B had the nerve to say "I don't care if you smoke."

If she doesn't care, why would she ask a dumb-A question like dat? As I told her, dat's like me asking a Cub fan "Why do you drink beer?" A fan might punch me and tell me "It's none of your business."

If she asked me dat Q in the streets, I would've done more than tell her "What I do in my life is none of your Fkin business."

Why do I smoke? LMAO!!! A smoker would understand why I smoke. But a nonsmoker like her is totally brainwashed by antismoking propaganda.

(BTW to the antismoker reading my blog: How I write is none of your OWN f'kin business. If you don't like how I write, don't read it. If you're wondering why your comment isn't on here, did you forget to read the top of dis blog?)