Friday, April 30, 2010

Smoking is good for you. Smoking cigs dat is

If an ex-smoker gets stress I have the perfect solution. Have a cig! At least a menthol can help you "chill" and make your throat feel fresh.

Smoking is actually GOOD for you. I heard of one person who quit smoking Newports and he actually started smoking really bad sh!t (and I don't mean weed). I don't need to say how his life changed negatively.

Antis might call dat an isolated incident,. But I heard a few years ago instead of smoking cigs, some people are smoking the illegal shit dat goes beyond weed. And I wouldn't be surprised if some ex- cig smokers are now druggies.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Article on Mich smoking ban with comments included

My comment left on dis page making refrence to the new Michigan smoking ban:



And I guess people's lives aren't controlled by alcohol out here, since accidents/deaths caused by drunk driving is still common? If I apply your "logic" intoxicated alcoholics are poor themselves. But the alcohol is controlling their body a lot more than smoking. Alcohol is a depressant while nicotine is a stimulant.

You don't even have to smoke to get nicotine. Whenever you eat potatoes, you're eating nicotine. My point is simple. Don't make it sound like smoking is the only thing that controls lives. Alcohol and drugs both do a better job of doing that since they make those addicts more violent by altering their minds.

And nonsmokers consume nicotine too. Except they eat it in everyday foods like potatoes and tomatoes.