Friday, March 5, 2010

FDA possibly banning menthols

Here's a new page on the idea of the FDA possibly banning menthols. I dunno why dis topic is even being resurrected. But me did forget the company related with Johnson and Johnson probably has their own say so on banning menthols.

http://www.tobacco. org/news/ 297736.html

I'm sure most people who have read my thoughts for years online know my thoughts on the idea of banning menthols. Growing my own tobacco and using menthol spray on the leaves is a "food for thought" topic. I'm sure Lorillard is one BT company who will fight over dis idea...since dey make Newports of course.

Cuz while I don't mind trying reg cigs, taking away menthols would still be like taking away cigs altogetha to me (in my eyes). There used to be a time when I actually enjoyed occassional regular packs like once per week. And making my own regs/menthols for dat matta But dat was before the FSC days when a reg cig actually tasted like a cig.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dis is outrageous. Spending time in prison for basically smoking tobacco?

If I had any ounce of respect for antis left in me, it's gone afta I read dis BS on a smoker being forced to spend time behind bars for refusing to pay a fine for smoking on his own property.

When it comes to juz thinking of putting someone behind bars not for robbing a store with cigs, not for shooting and murdering someone, but for simply smoking on his/her own property, the only Q I have is: Where are our priorities at?

It's bad enuf dat one has to hide a cig behind a trash can while smoking outside of a hospital. But spending time in jail for essentially smoking a legal product is crossing the line to me.

I am a lil surprised a similar incident involving a smoker in the US hasn't happened yet (on spending time behind bars for refusing to pay a smoking fine).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random thoughts

I heard Obama is still smoking, and the media wants to make it sound like a biggie. I also recall someone posting dis same topic in the groups a few days ago.

Who gives a care if he's still smoking? At least the media is reminding everyone ppl of ALL races smoke. I "still smoke" myself. And you don't have to worry about me trying to quit cuz I enjoy it a lot.

On a slightly different topic, I can only laugh at the idea of someone smoking outside of a hospital, getting busted by security for getting caught for smoking, and I heard (at least at Oak Forest hospital), you'll get fined $250 and a citation.

If hospital security really wants to make someone pay for smoking outside of a hospital, then dat's Fked up. I could see busting someone who's carrying around a gun or a knife on a hospital campus. But busting someone for smoking a LEGAL product OUTSIDE?

I'd hate to imagine how no smoking in cars with kids is enforced in states like Maine. If IL ever gets a law like dat, all he!! is gonna break loose when cops try pulling over vehicles in the Chicago streets where adults are smoking inside with kids riding along. I think pulling someone over in my community for driving without a seatbelt on or for speeding (if it's clear the driver aint intoxicated) is bad enough. Pulling someone over for smoking in a car with kids is a sick laugh.