Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carb monoxide poisoning in school


Maybe someone turned too much gas on. But even if dat happened, the school would've blown up if someone actually smoked in the teachers lounge. LOL

I'm sure everyone in society LOVES to blame smoking for every problem out here. Like "You wouldn't be using oxygen tanks if you neva smoked. You got colon cancer from smoking and refusing to quit."

Well if a chick gets assaulted outside of a club while smoking late at night, you can actually blame ANTIS (not smoking) for dat. You can't blame her smoking for causing her to become a victim.

It's a surprise nobody blaming smokers for the economy problems. LOL

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A reader's comment with links

Dis was originally a comment from a reader of my blog. But since links don't work in the comments area, I decided to post it as a seperate message on here.


Fear drives Bans, Ignorance and misinformation passes them.

Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! This one substance kills more people every year than any other but it will never be Banned. It sickens over 4 billion and kills over 2 million every year.

This is meant to show how we are led to institute Bans which are intended to mislead people for the sole purpose of profit.

Note; Fear is the driving force behind Bans of anykind.