Saturday, February 6, 2010

Smoking bans play a role in the nation's economy problems

I'm sure the smoking bans play a role in the economy problems. If people can't smoke, dey no go out. And the owners definitely see the effects of smokers "keeping dose wallets shut."

While revoking smoking bans won't solve the whole moolah problems in dis nation, I bet it would help save a lotta hospitality businesses. And when hospitality businesses succeed, dat could have a positive effect on the economy in the long-term with people having more jobs (since more smoker-friendly businesses would be open). I know I'd love working in a smoker-friendly hospitality business myself.

Oh I'm still smoking menthols for the record. I can't imagine myself not holding a cig in my hand or mouth. I know if I was in a place around lots of smokers and I didn't have to worry about darn "smoke cops," I wouldn't hesitate to smoke as much as I want for real then. :)