Friday, January 8, 2010

Kids are gonna smoke juz by watching a movie character smoke? OOOOOOO-Kay


I read a lil of dis opinion, and if antis claim kids seeing even a bad movie character smoking is gonna make the kids pick up the habit, then I wanna know wha world dose a-holes are living in. If a kid sees a movie character pull out a gun and murder someone, is dat gonna motivate kids to grab guns, go out, and shoot anyone in sight juz for the he11 of it?

If dat sounds crazy, dat's the same point I'm making when it comes to seeing people smoke in movies. No kid is gonna ask someone for cigs juz cuz "I saw a bad lady smoke in Avatar. I wanna be like her and try smoking too." LOL!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tobacco-Uaing State Workers May Face No Health Coverage

If Turner thinks I'm risking my health from using tobacco, he oughta mind his own Fkin business. Neva mind the fact you can't really live freely as a smoker anymore. I think dis page is in relation to abusing smokers' right to live freely.

http://www.wsmv. com/health/ 22141687/ detail.htmlA new proposal at the state Legislature would disallow state health insurance coverage to new employees who use tobacco products.

"People who use tobacco products are risking their health and causing more expense to the plan, so this is the attempt to try and hold down some of those costs," said Turner.The cost of health care for state employees continues to increase.

Each smoker costs the state about $3,400 a year in health care costs and lost productivity."This is kind of a starting point to start the debate, and hopefully we can do something to hold down the cost and still offer good coverage to employees," said Turner.

This isn't the first time the state has tried to do something about the impact of smokers on health care. Last year, state leaders proposed adding a $600 yearly surcharge to health insurance for state employees. That motion has been delayed.To help employees quit smoking, the state has made medications to help them quit more accessible by only charging a $5 co-pay.The Legislature will likely hear this proposal when it meets in January. Turner said the governor's administration is also working on some legislation to address rising health care costs.