Friday, December 24, 2010

Smokers pay for kids' health insurance, and for new schools/parks

I am soooo sorry I forgot about CHIP, a program related with health insurance for kids. Although I thought it was S-CHIP. Where does the money from dis program come from? I know the A! Smokers in the US are the only ones funding CHIP so kids can have health insurance. And HOW do smokers fund CHIP? Thru the fed tobacco taxes Obama raised in '09. When will fast food lovers start helping fund SCHIP?
Since smokers par for kids' health insurance, and since smokers are paying for construction of new parks and new schools, dey should have every right to smoke outdoors in parks. Dat moolah from the MSA comes out of cig sales and the increased taxes on cigs. The $$$ is supposed to go to antismoking programs to help ppl curb smoking. But do you think states are really interested in making ppl stop smoking?

NO! States are more interested in ABUSING smokers' money by building new schools and new parks instead! If a state is gonna use my money to build a new park, then I'm smoking in it with no exceptions. Since I paid for it.

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Anonymous said...

Funny, in Illinois we hear of a new study about the dangers of smoking, right before new taxes hit.
Funny we hear about smoking but not industrial pollutants, landfills, big oil and energy, etc.
Funny how smokers pay high taxes they don't benefit from.
Sin tax is a poor tax, and so is IL's flat rate.
I suggest firing a few state reps. I never see or hear from mine, we could save some money there.