Friday, December 17, 2010

Comments approved on here

In response to one comment on here about Kick, good luck in finding dose cigs offline. You could have bought em online if it wasn't for Prez Obama signing the PACT Act into law.

Ignoring a no smoking sign is NOT rude. It's called exercising my right to use a legal product online. If nonsmokers don't like being around cig smoke, then stay away from all smokers. It's common sense. And I dunno how my smoke can affect anyone when nobody's around me in the first place.

And if you honestly believe SHS can affect any nonsmoker, then please answer dis Q: If inhaling SHS is "sooo deadly" how come ppl weren't dropping dead on the spot from SHS inhalation from the days when smoking WAS allowed inside of places?

Don't tell me it's impossible to die from inhaling SHS smoke. Cause if you believe dat, then thanks for confirming how the thangs you heard on SHS are lies and myths. And BTW, there are otha thangs dat can trigger someone's asthma. Such as inhaling fumes from vehicles, ovens, and cleaning out cat litter boxes.

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