Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reds under investigation for cigar smoking in their locker room.

It's a sick joke people in Ohio have nothang betta to do than report the Cincinnati Reds for investigation. Simply cause dey were smoking cigars in their locker room on the night afta dey wom the NL Central divisional title.

(I would share the page in relation to dis topic. But even dat editorial page in itself made me laugh)

I got news for the sick antismokers in Ohio who actually reported the Reds to the Ohio Health Dept for their cigar smoking. I bet dere are MUCH WORSE thangs going on in ANY team's locker room than cigar smoking. And I wouldn't even call a locker room a public place.

Cause if it WAS a public place, Red fans would be allowed to enter the room and celebrate with the playas. LOL I don't rememba people making it a big deal in regards to the Bulls smoking cigars when dey won 6 NBA titles in the 90s. It probably WOULD be a big deal if the current Bulls win a NBA title now. And dey decided to light up victory cigars. Don't forget to call the Health Dept. if you do see the playas smoke cigars! lol

Dis week was the first time I saw sport playas smoking cigars on TV period (afta winning somethang big) since the 90s actually.

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