Saturday, October 23, 2010

New comments on the topic of banning menthols

I guess if a menthol ban does happen, I would have to break up with Newports for good. When smokers online said before how Newports is a tough brand to break up with in terms of switching brands, they weren't playing.

I guess when I smoked em a month ago, I was probably a lil sick as to why they gave me headaches. Newports ain't giving me headaches anymore. But at least it's good to know I can have MLs as my backup brand if menthols DO get banned.

There already IS a black market for cigs. But I guess if menthols got banned, I can see a new version of a black market opening up. Where cig dealers get cases and cartons of menthols from other countries and bring em into the USA.

If the NAACP thinks banning menthols will save more lives in the Black community, one of their reps needs to visit Chicago and get guns banned. THAT would save lives. Not banning Black smokers' #1 brand Newport (and other menthols).

(From my Facebook wall)

According to the NAACP, banning menthol cigarettes will save more lives in the Black community. If you wanna save more lives in the Black community, banning guns would help. DAT would save lives. How is banning menthols gonna stop me from hearing about lots of murders in my town per year?

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Anonymous said...

Can you say Stupid? I freely admit that I started smoking as a teen. I am approaching six decades of life and I have never seen "candy flavored" cigarettes. Most smokers started either smoking what their parents smoked or their friends. I may be wrong and feel free to correct me, but this is one time that it may be appropriate to play the "race card". Amongst my friends the vast majority of the menthol smokers are black followed by women. As a libertarian I generally abhor race being used in politics but in this case a ban would fall disproportionally on my black friends. P.S. You would not believe the crap I have gotten from the far left for using a MLK Jr quote in the forums fighting the bans.

One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.~Martin Luther King, Jr