Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some thoughts

I see the online smoke shops I used to buy my cartons from are closed. When I type in their addy in the browser, their sites are no longa in existence. Oh well....

I got caught smoking in the restroom on my job a few weeks ago. But I didn't get fired. It's still Fked up smoking on the job is in the same class as stealing moolah on the job. But I guess I need to remind myself "If I think getting fired for smoking on the job is BS, what about workers who smoke away from their OWN jobs and dey still get fired?

I may not have lived in the 60s. But I did live in a time where smoking was a lot more normal in public. Now it seems like when I'm holding a cig, dat's like the same thang as me smoking a joint or coke.

I predict Obama will lose in the 2012 election. It ain't juz smokers who hate the President. Americans who are still waiting for the new jobs he promised hate him too.

Hey! A rare time where I have a comment not directly related with smoking! lol

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