Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm still enjoying my Newports

The new poll Q on here should be working. I haven't quit smoking as to why my blog is "dead" to some antis. I may not be posting on here as much as I did in the past. But based on how much I posted on here over the past 3 years, dis blog is far from being "dead" to me.

It gets more and more difficult to smoke in public as the years progress. And yes, I still ignore smoking signs and I will light up when I feel like it and dere ain't no people walking around the prohibited area.

I certainly ain't the only smoker out here who ignores no smoking signs. Dat in itself makes me smile.


Electronic Sally said...

How hard has it become to be a smoker?!?!Non smokers just don't understand as if there is a law no breathing in public!!!!!!

Angela said...

As a former smoker (I quit 5 years ago), I believe I am able to see both perspectives here. Smokers ignoring the no smoking signs is just like there being a law no breathing in public because that is the effect your smoke has on nonsmokers. I agree that EVERYONE should have rights...smokers should be allowed to smoke in DESIGNATED areas while nonsmokers should be allowed to walk through public areas without being subjected to second-hand smoke. Ignoring no smoking signs, regardless of whether anyone is around or not, is rude and egotistical.