Saturday, July 10, 2010

I got busted for selling 2 cigs

Oh I'm still around. I'm still smoking, and I can't wait to see the long-term effects of the new PACT Act. It still makes me laugh when I hear nonsmolkers advising me to quit smoking if I hate the price of cigs. There are more than 20% smokers out here to me.

I got arrested for selling 2 cigs to 2 women back in May. But dat case was thrown away in late June. I still think it's funny it's a felony to sell even individual cigs in IL. Somethang is seriously wrong with dis pic. Especially since giving a cig to anyone shouldn't be a biggie.


Anonymous said...

I don´t think anyone should get busted for selling cigs but should not blow that smoke in other people´s face. If there was someone farting loud in a bar I am sure that someone would complain!!! Which is worse loud farting or cigarette smoking on your face???

IL Libertarian Dude said...

Wow, that's just very creepy. Was it an undercover police officer that busted you for this? Sorry to hear that, Jay.

As for smoking near others, that should be based on whether someone is comfortable with cigarette smoke or not, and whether a business owner wants to permit smoking in his business or not under whatever rules he wants(i.e. limiting it to certain part(s) of the bar, during certain hours, or even allowing it throughout the establishment at all times). I would gladly extinguish my cigarette, if someone near me complains about cigarette smoke.


Jason T said...

Hey Alan. Nope, the cop was in his normal uniform. And he showed me his badge. I am aware dere are actually lots of undercover cops in certain areas of Chicago now. Dey trying to crack down on the black cig market for sure! But what about the ppl who keep getting murdered? Cracking down on illegal cigs is more important than putting an end to all of dese murders in Chicago?