Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The new version of Newports

I've been smoking the newer version of Newport 100's. They still taste generally the same to me. The new Newports actually have more of the minty flavor than the older ones.

But I gotta get used to em being a lil weaker in strength. Seems like Newports have less tar/less nic in em now because of the obvious FDA regulation on cigs. Newport 100's feel more like a light cig to me since I'm so used to smoking very strong cigs (that being the old Newports).

People say Newports now have vent holes on the filters. But I honestly see no holes on the filters. And yes, I look at the filter very closely.

Overall, I give the "new" Newports a B. They would get an A if Lorillard ever makes em just about as strong as the old Newports.

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