Thursday, May 13, 2010

My smoking-related comments on Facebook

(Anyone who's on my Facebook friend list can see dis on my wall. But trying to add me as a friend on FB might work if you send the friend request yourself.)

Obama signed the PACT Act into law in late March, and it goes into effect at the end of June. Dis act prohibits the USPS from delivering cigs from online shops (but delivering cigars are exempted....gotta make sure the politicians can still order their fat stogies online!).

So dat means as of July, ppl who work at these online smoke shops are gonna lose their jobs and join the unemployment club. And not to mention the USPS will no longa make money from delivering a product online to likely 10s of 1000s of people.

Since dey won't be able to sell and deliver cigs anymore, what's the point of keeping the online smoke shops in business? I do know if every nonsmoker got their wish of a smoke-free USA where nobody in America smoked, you would see higha taxes for fast food and alcohol.

I already know taxes on candy went up last fall. Cause "Eating candy is dangerous and might contribute to obesity." When politicians can't get their tax money from nobody smoking cigs, dey gotta tax somethang else instead.

Land of the free? Yeah right. It's more like the land of the nannies. I notice obese folks are starting to get the same negative attention as smokers.

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