Friday, April 16, 2010

A thought

I don't believe it. I went thru a whole work day without smoking.

No, I ain't trying to quit smoking. My lighta broke and I was forced to not smoke for 5 hours. I definitely wanted a smoke. But it's hard getting a light from othas. Especially when you can't tell who smokes in a restroom.

But afta work, I bought a new lighta immediately and I spent lots of time enjoying my cigs outside. A cig was the only thang on my mind for most of the work day.

When I was told if I want to go (back home) in the 8th inning or stay, I said "I'm going." Oh I left all right...left to get a new lighta, have some cigs, and feel like myself again . lol

If smoking bans didn't exist, it would be a lot more easier to meet more smokers in public at a ballpark. And of course when someone IS smoking, he/she is usually outta sight for understandable reasons.

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