Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Michigan's Smoking ban starts May 1

My comment from the Amend Michigan Smoking Ban group on Facebook:

Someone should've told antismokers about not going to smoker-friendly businesses. Smoking bans are supposed to be for the kids as antismokers say. But that's a lie in itself. Kids can't enter taverns. Antis claim all they care about is making the whole planet smoke-free. But in reality, all they care about is closing down businesses that used to allow smoking. When a smoking ban starts, even I know they won't be patronizing businesses on a regular basis. Even smokers are better tippers than antismokers. Do you think they care about owners losing revenues and workers losing jobs? Apparently not.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,
You and your readers may be interested in, particularly the "Godber Blueprint" which chronicles, from antismoking documents, that antismoking is based on social marketing (inflammatory propaganda). The current antismoking crusade, which formulated its agenda in 1975, is the same as previous ones in that it promotes irrational belief, fear and hatred/bigotry.