Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random thoughts

I heard Obama is still smoking, and the media wants to make it sound like a biggie. I also recall someone posting dis same topic in the groups a few days ago.

Who gives a care if he's still smoking? At least the media is reminding everyone ppl of ALL races smoke. I "still smoke" myself. And you don't have to worry about me trying to quit cuz I enjoy it a lot.

On a slightly different topic, I can only laugh at the idea of someone smoking outside of a hospital, getting busted by security for getting caught for smoking, and I heard (at least at Oak Forest hospital), you'll get fined $250 and a citation.

If hospital security really wants to make someone pay for smoking outside of a hospital, then dat's Fked up. I could see busting someone who's carrying around a gun or a knife on a hospital campus. But busting someone for smoking a LEGAL product OUTSIDE?

I'd hate to imagine how no smoking in cars with kids is enforced in states like Maine. If IL ever gets a law like dat, all he!! is gonna break loose when cops try pulling over vehicles in the Chicago streets where adults are smoking inside with kids riding along. I think pulling someone over in my community for driving without a seatbelt on or for speeding (if it's clear the driver aint intoxicated) is bad enough. Pulling someone over for smoking in a car with kids is a sick laugh.

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