Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Q from someone on the PACT Act

How do kids get "charge cards?" as someone asked in a comment on the PACT Act post on my blog?

Well first of all, most online smoke shops don't use credit cards. E-checks are allowed for online cig purchasing. If kids are getting their hands on checkbooks, then their parents are irresponsible.

The PACT Act (on a more serious point) has nothang to do with preventing kids from buying cigs online. Politicians wanna prevent ADULTS from buying cigs online. So smokers can fill the polticians' pockets with moolah via offline cig purchases. Antis claim buying cigs online is tax evasion. I dunno how it's tax evasion. Cuz smokers are still paying fed taxes on the online cig purchases.

If the states are so concerned about losing money from smokers who buy cigs online instead, why don't they lower the tobacco taxes and tax the heck outta fast food lovers? What about the kids who can easily buy say a pack of Newports from a bro in the streets? Aint dat "tax evasion" too?

I know even adults who buy Newports (or whateva brand) from cig bootleggas (aka: the underground cig market) are evading taxes. Why don't the politicians try going afta the underground cig markets? Believe me, if I can't buy my cigs online, I'll juz buy a pack from a bro who sells em in the streets if I have to.

It's always about the kids. But don't believe dat sh!t. In the case of the PACT Act, it's all about forcing smokers to buy cigs offline so the politicians don't lose money. And it's all about putting more people outta work (since those online smoke shops would be outta business).

But don't you love how online CIGAR sales are exempted from the Act? So the politicians can easily have their cigars delivered to their doors?

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