Saturday, March 27, 2010

I can't wait to see how no smoking is enforced at Cub games dis year

I'm gonna see in a few weeks how the new Cub owners plan on making sure the ballpark is ALWAYS smoke-free.

In the late innings, it's common to see drunk dudes smoking in the corner of one restroom. It's so smokey in dat corner, it looks like I'm walking into fog. And in the past, I'd light up a cig behind the stall without saying a single word.

But I have a good feeling dis year will be different. I know the smoking rule hasn't changed. If you a fan caught smoking, your azz is kicked outta the ballpark. If you a worker, you can't get fired if nobody catches you.

But I ain't gonna imagine if I run into one of the Ricketts and he tells me "I don't want you working in my ballpark cause you smell like cigs." I was told the Ricketts have every right to say "I don't want him/her working here cuz I don't like the way he/he acts or looks."

Welcome to the ballpark you now own Ricketts. I ain't gonna imagine a bro/sis worker flipping over you guys using your right to fire him/her. I especially ain't gonna imagine you guys telling a bro or sis "You fired for smelling like cigs." I bet if dis was 3 decades ago and you guys owned the Cubs, you probably wouldn't care if Blacks work and smoked in your ballpark.

I didn't wanna make dat statement sound racial. But it's true most of the Cub workers in the concession dept are Blacks. And there are ALWAYS lots of workers who smoke there. I'd be lying if I said I can go through a whole game without seeing at least one bro worker smoking in the restroom. ;)

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